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It will take courage and creativity. We know you can do it! Whether it’s work or college, we want to see you emerge ready for your new stage.

Seen&Heard Has Three Phases

Phase One

Opening Act


Emotional Regulation

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Performance Check

Phase one is 10 weeks. During this time, your cohort (group) will work together, eat together, practice together and create together. Everyone is needed and everyone is valued. In Phase one, we focus on concepts like mindfulness, emotional control, effective communication, and self-confidence. At the end of phase one, you will get to participate in a showcase of the work you have accomplished. Works may include scenes or monologues from plays and movies, or a monologue you write yourself. This is your opportunity to show friends and important people in your life what you’ve learned.

Phase Two

Opening Act

What's My Motivation?

Mindfulness in Action

What's Your Distortion?

ABC's of Emotional Regulation

Code Switching & Professional Communication

Distress Tolerance: Music and Meditation

Performance Check

Phase two is 8 weeks. You will remain in the same cohort to deepen relationships and build upon skills from phase one, while adding more advanced skills. Phase two focuses on active listening, achievement motivation, coping ahead and stress management. All these skills are developed though acting exercises and scene work, with group de-briefs throughout. At the end of phase two, you have the opportunity to participate in a professional showcase and graduation reception, with opportunities to meet both mentors and employers.

Phase Three

Follow Up Support Groups

Phase three typically runs during the late spring and early summer with bi-weekly dinners and tag-ups for work support and personal encouragement. This is your tribe, after all! Instruction is minimal, and group directed. This is your time to de-brief and get ideas for any obstacles you might be facing with employers or co-workers. Once a month special events happen throughout the city, with opportunities to explore Los Angeles together. In addition to outings, industry professionals are invited once a month to share their stories with Q&A after.


At the conclusion of the second 6-week session, a  professional showcase will highlight your finished work. Internships will be made available to eligible graduates through partner companies. You will also have regular opportunities to gather with your cohort to maintain connection and provide encouragement


It matters who you know. You need close relationships to feel valued as a person, and you need professional relationships in the business world to further your career Seen&Heard  provides an opportunity to cultivate both personal and professional relationships. You will go far with both.


Everyone needs a guide on their career path. Mentors play a key role in personal and professional development. Mentors listen, provide suggestions, and can be your biggest fans. They bring out the best in you, and remind you of your talents. We want you to have access to the mentor of your choosing, in a professional arena you are interested in.


How do you get a job if you have no professional experience in the field you are interested in pursuing: an internship.

Graduates who have completed both 6-week sessions will be eligible for paid internships in the career field of your choosing.


Check out our Investors page. We've got oppportunities to dip your toe in, mentor, and sponsor.

Now's your time.

Your future is waiting, and we want to help you get ready for it. There's good stuff ahead!

Do I need any experience in the performing arts?

Nope! But we are looking for applicants who are creative and show interest in the performing arts.

Is a resume and headshot required?

Not at all. But if you have one we’d be happy to see it!

I'm super nervous about the audition. What can I expect?

You can expect to feel proud of your efforts afterward. You can expect a small and friendly audience of adults who will both encourage and provide positive feedback about your work.